Posted by: The Poli Sci Guy | November 4, 2008

Election Day in America

Today marks the end of the longest presidential campaign in American history.  It also marks the end of the first campaign to rely heavily on the internet where supporters of both major candidates could make their arguments on personal blogs and allow readers to respond.  The internet has previously changed the way we communicated, the way we shopped, the way we played, and now it has changed the way we think about our choices in elections.  What has been previously referred to as the information age has taken on a whole new meaning.  Where do we go from here?  Your guess is as good as mine.

I hope everyone got the chance to vote today and everyone who voted has their vote counted.  Democracy depends on the voice of the people being heard.  We will either tell our leaders today that we are displeased with what they have done over the past 4 years or that we approve and want them to stay the course.  That really is what it comes down to in the end.  My suspicion is that we will fire the party that has controlled the federal government for much of the past 8 years and give the other party a chance to take us in a new direction.  If so, let us hope that direction leads to a prosperous and less divisive America than the one we have today.  Together we can accomplish much good throughout our nation and the world.  Divided we will only fail.  And we’ll have only ourselves to blame.


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