Posted by: The Poli Sci Guy | November 5, 2008

Truly An Historic Moment For America

Whether or not one agrees with the policy positions of Barack Obama does not matter today.  Last evening America went to the polls and chose a new president.  A nation stained by decades of human slavery, a nation that fought a civil war costing hundreds of thousands of lives, a nation that prevented African-Americans from voting until the 1960’s, a nation that segregated school children and adults on the basis of skin color as little as half a century ago, that very same nation chose as president it’s first African-American, Senator Barack Obama of Illinois.  Ironically, President-Elect Obama is a citizen of the same state that launched Abraham Lincoln’s career and led to the abolition of slavery.  Today is truly a day for all Americans to be proud of their country for overcoming the barrier of race in politics.

That is not to say that President Obama will be a perfect president or resolve all our national problems.  In fact, there is a likelihood that some of our problems may become worse for a season.  We face difficult challenges in the days and years ahead.  We must join together to fight the good fight, put partisan politics behind us, and embrace the future of this brave new world we have entered.  This will be difficult for many, especially the 46% of us who did not vote for President Obama, for whatever reason.  Today is a day for reconciliation, not gloating.

That said, let us pray for the future of our country.  Let us pray that the wisdom of God will be the wisdom of our new president-elect.  Let us join hands in a spirit of unity that only Americans are capable of doing.  Together we can move America forward and solve the problems extant in the city of man.  Divided we will only fail.  Let us choose progress and restore the shining light of freedom for all to see.  Let us be Americans.



  1. Today is truly a day for all Americans to be proud of their country for overcoming the barrier of race in politics.

    With 95% of the “black” vote going for Obama, I think it is a bit premature to say the barrier of race in politics has been overcome.

  2. I think that depends on how you parse the numbers. Blacks have voted for Democrats in numbers of 88-92% in every election since being driven out of the Republican Party during the Civil Rights movement.

    If President-elect Obama had been a Republican and garnered 95% of the black vote I would agree with you.

    What is more interesting is that a majority percentage of whites voted for Obama, except in the states of the Old Confederacy (save Virginia and North Carolina). I look forward to the day when the GOP nominates a conservative African-American woman for president. Then we’ll get to test our hypotheses.

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