Posted by: The Poli Sci Guy | February 17, 2009

Republicans and the Stimulus Package, part deux

I’ve done a bit of pondering on the stimulus package lately and the Republican response to it.  On the one hand, we have a president desperately seeking votes from the GOP even though he doesn’t need them.  On the other hand, the GOP is crying about being excluded from the process even though they were invited and several of their amendments were accepted as part of the final bill (which was crafted by three moderate Republicans…now known as RINO’s).

Message to President Obama:  Do it your way, that’s why you were elected.  Don’t seek compromise with those to whom compromise means surrender.

Republicans are making a big stink about all the spending in this package but…isn’t that what stimulates the economy?  Would it have made a difference to the GOP if the $787 billion was comprised solely of tax cuts?  You betcha!  Why is it ok to spend $787 billion cutting taxes but not spend it investing in people…jobs, education, healthcare, roads, etc…?  The Republicans had control of the government for 6 very long years and gave us two huge tax cuts that resulted in a doubling of the national debt in just 8 years, an economic meltdown unlike anything we have faced in 80 years, and their answer is more tax cuts?  The previous administration handed a $1 billion dollar deficit to the Obama Administration and it will only grow larger if we are to get out of this nightmare.  So let’s invest in things that will pay off in the long run, not provide a few measly dollars to people so they can enjoy an extra day at the movies once in a while.

This is a critical time in America’s lifespan and we must make the right choice or risk becoming irrelevant on the world stage.  No, I don’t mean we won’t be a superpower but we are likely to lose our economic influence.  As the largest consumer of the world’s products (and fossil fuels) we must be responsible with our consumption and good stewards of our resources.  If we are to remain competitive around the world we must do a better job educating our children, begin producing advanced technology at home, and rebuilding our national infrastructure.  Throwing money at a problem does not solve it so we need to be thoughtful about how and where the money is spent.  But right now is the right time to rebuild our nation and put it upon sure footing for a long time to come.

Message to the GOP…either you’re part of the solution or you’re part of the problem.  You decide.  You’re playing a very risky game right now…and if you lose you’ll become the permanent minority you were from 1954 to 1994.  Maybe then the GOP will find it’s soul again.


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