Posted by: The Poli Sci Guy | March 7, 2009

Rush Limbaugh…quit yer bitchin’

I’ve had just about enough of El Rushbo and his dittoheads whining about the direction of the country under President Obama…a direction that 12 years of Republican control of Congress and 8 long years of George W. Bush in the White House sent us.  Now, I’m not your typical Democrat or liberal or what have you…in fact, I think I’m moderately conservative on most issues (especially social issues like abortion) and definitely a fiscal conservative.  Hey, I even called myself a Republican until March 19, 2003…that was the date the Republican Party left me by starting an unnecesary war that has cost more than half a trillion dollars and not made the USA one iota safer.  Just my opinion, though.

I first encountered Rush Limbaugh on a cool fall morning in 1984 on KFBK radio in Sacramento, CA while driving to a class at a community college.  His show was lively, entertaining, and informative…pretty unique for those days.  I became an avid listener day after day at work or in the car.  I listened to him right up until moving to Los Angeles to attend university in 1988…then I heard that his show was going national and I was thrilled.  Four more years of daily Limbaugh!  Those days before the national radio show were sweet…debates with Charlie the Socialist and playing Slim Whitman records backwards to hear the advice Satan was giving youngsters…priceless!  I continued listening right on through the 1990’s and the Clinton Presidency and into the middle of George W.’s first term.  Then Rush became a pill popping hypocrite.  Everything he claimed to stand for came crashing down as he failed to call the Republicans for their profligate spending habits, their inability and unwillingness to live by their own principles.  All told the W Presidency will add around $5.5 trillion dollars to our national debt…a debt created primarily by Republican Presidents paying lip service to balanced budgets.  In fact, the only balanced budgets in recent memory came under that big socialist President William J. Clinton.

Yes, conservatives have gotten us into this mess and now President Obama has to try his darndest to get us out.  Good luck with that one Barack!  Republicans controlled the White House for 20 of the last 28 years and they submitted exactly, uh, zero balanced budgets to Congress.  Only Clinton did that.  While conservatives were busy making war in Iraq and cutting taxes on the rich, our infrastructure collapsed.  Interstate bridges fell into rivers, school buildings decayed, and our highways became more congested every day.  Republicans screamed about earmarks and pork in the federal budget while making sure to get enough bacon home to get themselves reelected.  Oh wait, their pet projects didn’t qualify as pork?  Those were necessary expenditures.  Whatever!

Frankly, I don’t give a rat’s ass about pork or earmarks.  Let ’em fill the omnibus bills with earmarks until the pigs come home.  We need our schools rebuilt, our college campuses secured, and better public transit.  And we need better health insurance coverage for every American.  I’m not asking for something for nothing…I’ll pay my fair share.  I happen to live in the greatest country in the world…at least I thought so until I watched the GOP prove that government was the problem…at least when they are in control of it!

The real problem I have with conservatives these days is that they want to live in the greatest country in the world but they don’t want to pay the price for doing so.  Having a solid infrastructure in place so businesses can thrive and prosper is not cheap.  A service based economy like ours needs well-educated workers, unless all we plan to have are fast food chains messing up our orders.  The rest of the world is zipping past us faster than superman and that infamous locomotive.  We must not only keep up, we must overtake it if we are once again to be the leader of the free world based on something more than our military might.  The Soviet Union tried to compete with us based on military strength alone and did a good job for nearly 50 years.  Maybe our military strength will hold us for another 30-40 years, maybe not.  I don’t really want to find out because I love my country way too much to watch that happen.

Back to Rush Limbaugh…I tried valiantly to watch his recent speech to CPAC, I really did.  In fact, I made it through about an hour before turning to the transcript.  It was painful to see the angry old man Rush had become.  Today, Rush is nothing more than a demagogue who uses conservativism and Ronald Reagan for as many millions of dollars as the powers that be in radio will pay him.  As Rush Limbaugh has risen from a nearly bankrupt public relations job with the Kansas City Royals to the voice of conservativism in America, conservatives in control of the mechanisms of government have nearly bankrupted America.  So Rush, take your millions, buy some more cigars and cognac (wait…that’s French isn’t it…make it Scotch), pontificate, and quit yer bitchin’ because you live in the greatest country in the world in spite of your party’s efforts to destroy it.

PS:  Don’t think you spineless liberals are going to get off easy either…I’m gunnin’ for you next.


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